25 October 2005

Okay, now it's your turn

I'd like to get comments answering the questions:
What are some things you wish you knew in your 20's?


Genevieve Bouvier said...

Things I wish I'd known when I was in my 20's:

1.) To save more of the great $ I was making before I became one of "those" who leaves an office job for something more personally fulfilling

2.) That "back fat" even existed

3.) That I prefer Hondas to Fords for a reason

4.) That I was supposed to be paying attention to something the night I sobbed for hours because I was lonely

5.) That you should ALWAYS look around before you let one fly (Again, my apologies to the handsome gentleman that was standing behind me in line at the Amoco station)

AJ said...

1). That they wouldn't last forever

2). That love isn't always enough

3). That I'm worth more than I think

4). That following your heart can be painful

5). That good health is something to be thankful for